Bringing more certainty to drug discovery

We know drug discovery is hard; computer-aided drug design is hard, too.

MFI combines world-class computational tools with deep domain expertise to tackle the toughest challenges in early-stage drug discovery. From hit discovery to lead optimization, we deliver technology and multidisciplinary knowledge that strives for better research outcomes.

Drug Design


A Values-driven Business, Focused on Corporate and Social Responsibilities

We support drug discovery efforts broadly and globally, by design. Everything we do is grounded in the belief that we have something to contribute. Continuous innovation is also a given: in our science and in our RaaS approach to doing business that benefits everyone involved.

Patients deserve the best treatments possible, and we apply our knowledge, technology, and experience in support of this goal. We can’t guarantee specific research outcomes, but we can promise we are great navigators on every research path, lighting the way with rigour, diligence, transparency, and kindness.

Not Your Traditional Biotech CRO

Created out of 15 years of research at McGill University, and part of the inaugural Accelerate Quebec Program within the adMare Bioinnovations Center in Montréal, MFI has been evolving since 2019 into the service provider we are today. We play to our service strengths:

Following a clearly defined process

Facilitating IP-free agreements

Holding no internal molecular assets

Taking a flexible approach to licensing

Today, our small team is making a big impact. We work on projects in life sciences ecosystems around the world. And we solve problems, at home and beyond our borders, taking as many shots on goal as possible in discovery research, with organizations, large and small.

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