A pleasure to work with

Molecular Forecaster enumerated our 3Discovery™ virtual library and took great care with our specific requirements. Their team was very responsive to any queries we had and any changes we required during the process – they were a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Shaun Smullen, Liverpool ChiroChem


We highly recommend MFI. They are very transparent and will tell you what they can and cannot achieve.

– Dr. James Féthière, Inixium

Complement internal R&D expertise

adMare complements our own internal R&D expertise by partnering with those in the ecosystem with unique specialized capacity, like the innovative computational chemistry abilities of MFI…. We’re excited to be working with this emerging company that continues to make their mark in this space.

– Dr. Claudio Sturino, Senior Director of Chemistry (former), adMare Bioinnovations

Rapid results

We needed a rapid way of examining substrate binding to an enzyme active site and approached MFI. We are extremely happy with the results. We obtained hands-on training with the software, and we were able to apply the results to our research projects within the same day!

– Dr. Shawn Collins, Université de Montréal

Generate novel inhibitors

Molecular Forecaster helped us enumerate and triage a virtual library to generate novel inhibitors for a kinase target of interest. The FITTED docking results illuminated an inhibitor scaffold markedly differentiated from those described in the literature.

– Dr. Jason Burch, Inception Sciences (now at Ventus Therapeutics)

Compile new fragment libraries

As a service provider ourselves, we understand the need to collaborate with clients and lean on each other’s expertise. We had MFI compile new fragment libraries to complement our in-house knowledge of fragment-based discovery and aim to work together again in the future.

– Dr. René Coulombe, IniXium

Understanding molecules binding

MFI’s software is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that delivers accurate predictions that increase our insight into the way our molecules bind and interact with protein targets. This allows Anagenex to refine our existing molecules and make new analogs for experimental testing. Further, the MFI team’s technical support and domain knowledge adds considerable value.

– Dr. Sumudu Leelananda, Anagenex

An excellent partner

Combining MFI’s software, service, and expertise made them an excellent partner for our DoD project. We are excited by the results thus far (nanomolar compounds) and look forward to continuing our relationship.

– Dr. James Talton, Alchem Laboratories

Expedite efforts to find cures

With MFI, we can use software using artificial intelligence to identify new interactions between molecules and targets – an innovative approach that helps us expedite our efforts to find a cure for health concerns that impact close to a quarter of the global population.

– Laurent Amar, AR Metabolic

Ability to communicate

We were impressed by Molecular Forecaster’s ability to communicate their findings, adjust their approach when appropriate, and meet the demands of our project.

– Dr. Darrell Ricke, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Generate new hypotheses

FITTED from MFI has been an excellent tool for my lab to generate new hypotheses around compound binding modes. Although we are not expert computational chemists, we have been able to design new molecules based on useful binding poses.

– Dr. Chris Dockendorff, Marquette University & Function Therapeutics

Fast and efficient service

We made a significant leap forward in finding small molecules for our target in cancer research thanks to Molecular Forecaster’s fast and efficient service!

– Dr. Tarik Moroy, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal

Jumpstart discovery

We worked with Molecular Forecaster, who transparently and stepwise helped us to identify novel hit compounds in disease-specific assays. Ultimately, they time- and cost-effectively jumpstarted our discovery process.

– Dr. Gerard Griffioen, ReMYND NV

Computational modeling and screening

We desperately need computational tools to model RNA and screen molecules that act on RNA, which is what makes our work with MFI so exciting.

– Dr. Maureen McKeague, McGill University

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