Tailored RaaS solutions for different research needs, business objectives, and budgets

MFI’s research-as-a-service model delivers customized, collaborative computer-aided drug design (CADD) solutions to increase certainty in drug discovery. This powerful, easy-to-integrate approach combines our proprietary world-class technology with the on-call collaboration and deep knowledge of a team of cross-functional experts.

RaaS Solutions for Clients


  • CADD capacity where none exists

Flourishing biotechs or CROs

  • Additional CADD capacity and expertise
  • Novel software applications and functions
  • Project consultation

Accelerators, incubators, and investors

  • Computational discovery resources
  • Project consultation

Established pharma

  • Novel software applications and functions

Removing the FOMO Around Technology

Our proprietary technology, integrated RaaS solutions, and commitment to continuous innovation ensure our clients always have access to the newest and most advanced capabilities to support their research programs.

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