Research-as-a-Service to create more certainty in drug discovery

Molecular Forecaster Inc. is a RaaS company advancing and accelerating early-stage drug discovery.

Customized CADD Solutions

Proprietary Software

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Collaboration Mindset

Why MFI?

MFI walks alongside organizations as they navigate the unpredictable landscape of preclinical research. Targeting better research outcomes, we apply our knowledge and technology to create more certainty in hit discovery, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization.

Expanding capacity and capabilities

Reducing research costs

Delivering high hit rates and faster results

When clients choose MFI, we embark on a journey, whether we are providing CADD (computer-aided drug design) capacity, research consultation, or even novel software applications and functions. We address the unique nuances of every project, delivering tailored, easy-to-integrate RaaS solutions for different research needs, objectives, and budgets.

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What Our Clients and Partners Say

Complement internal R&D expertise

adMare complements our own internal R&D expertise by partnering with those in the ecosystem with unique specialized capacity, like the innovative computational chemistry abilities of MFI…. We’re excited to be working with this emerging company that continues to make their mark in this space.

– Dr. Claudio Sturino, Senior Director of Chemistry (former), adMare Bioinnovations

An excellent partner

Combining MFI’s software, service, and expertise made them an excellent partner for our DoD project. We are excited by the results thus far (nanomolar compounds) and look forward to continuing our relationship.

– Dr. James Talton, Alchem Laboratories

Compile new fragment libraries

As a service provider ourselves, we understand the need to collaborate with clients and lean on each other’s expertise. We had MFI compile new fragment libraries to complement our in-house knowledge of fragment-based discovery and aim to work together again in the future.

– René Coulombe, IniXium

Generate new hypotheses

FITTED from MFI has been an excellent tool for my lab to generate new hypotheses around compound binding modes. Although we are not expert computational chemists, we have been able to design new molecules based on useful binding poses.

– Dr. Chris Dockendorff, Marquette University & Function Therapeutics

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