Scientists motivated to do good, sharing knowledge and expertise in service to drug discovery

Drug discovery is complex, dynamic, and challenging. Computer-aided drug design can bolster the medicinal chemist’s toolbox, but software alone won’t save lives.

As in-silico drug discovery experts, MFI’s computational, medicinal, and synthetic chemists partner with clients at the preclinical stage, delivering tailored, easy-to-integrate RaaS solutions for different research needs, objectives, and budgets.

We Accelerate Success on Drug Discovery Journeys

MFI’s value-add is our core commitment to service – to our clients and the drug discovery process. We know our technology can fast-track drug discovery – we’ve got the results to prove it. It’s being in service to the journey that sets us apart.

Expanding capacity and capabilities

Reducing research costs

Delivering high hit rates and faster results

The Way We Work

Discovery and Planning

Define and agree upon objectives, milestones, costs, and timelines


Carry out the research, recording methods and keeping data safe and secure


Foster two-way communication throughout every project


Produce interim and final written reports

Data Transfer

Upload data and documents to appropriate archives


Seek feedback and wrap-up projects

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