Partnership with adMare BioInnovations
April 5, 2022

Molecular Forecaster Inc. to Collaborate with adMare BioInnovations on Computational Approaches to Drug Discovery

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, April 5, 2022 – Molecular Forecaster Inc. (MFI) is excited to announce a partnership with adMare BioInnovations (adMare) to deliver computer-aided drug design (CADD) resources to selected R&D programs in adMare’s pipeline. A participant in adMare’s Accelerator Program for Quebec’s most promising young companies, MFI offers proprietary software and services for early-stage drug design and discovery that are helping reduce costs, expand capacity and capabilities, and fast-track preclinical pharmaceutical programs.

“The provision of scientific expertise is a critical piece of adMare’s model for building the companies that underpin Canada’s strong and rapidly growing life sciences industry,” says Dr. Claudio Sturino, adMare’s Senior Director of Chemistry. “adMare complements our own internal R&D expertise by partnering with those in the ecosystem with unique specialized capacity, like the innovative computational chemistry abilities of MFI – one of our successful Accelerator-program companies. We’re excited to be working with this emerging company that continues to make their mark in this space.”

MFI offers its clients unique software and service to accelerate the various stages of the drug-discovery process. The company’s sophisticated, proprietary software platforms can be used for drug discovery, metabolism prediction, combinatorial chemistry, and asymmetric catalyst design. As an in silico drug discovery contract research organization, MFI has deep cross-discipline knowledge and experience, meaning the team can expand client capacity without the need to add overhead. The IP-free approach also makes it easy for MFI to support multiple projects and teams within one organization, a good fit for adMare and a number of its programs.

“As a computational chemistry partner for adMare, we have the opportunity to support and contribute directly to Canada’s growing biotech sector, paying it forward alongside an organization that’s done the same for us,” says Josh Pottel, MFI’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are proudly Canadian – grateful and active members of the adMare ecosystem, and excited to support other emerging life sciences companies throughout the national life sciences community.”


About Molecular Forecaster Inc.

Molecular Forecaster Inc. (MFI) is a computational chemistry company with expertise in drug discovery, quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, chemoinformatics, and artificial intelligence. Offering world-leading proprietary software, algorithms, and contract research services, MFI works with organizations looking to fast-track preclinical drug discovery, from start-up biotechs to established pharma. Founded in 2010, MFI was created out of research at McGill University and today is part of the Accelerate Quebec Program within the adMare Bioinnovations Center in Montréal, Canada. 

About adMare BioInnovations

With a wealth of scientific discovery, Canada is primed to be a global leader in life sciences. To make this a reality, adMare uses its scientific and commercial expertise, specialized infrastructure, and investment capital to build new companies, robust ecosystems, and industry-ready talent – and re-invests into the Canadian industry to ensure it is sustained for the long-term. Our 25+ portfolio companies have attracted more than $1.4 billion of investment, have a combined value of over $3 billion, and employ more than 900 Canadians. The adMare Academy has trained more than 500 alumni – 95% of whom are employed in the Canadian life sciences industry.

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