MFI Participates in $165-million CFREF Grant
May 11, 2023

Molecular Forecaster Participates in the $165-million CFREF grant awarded to McGill University to support its inclusive genomics and RNA research program.

As a McGill University spinout company, we at Molecular Forecaster are thrilled to support the recent landmark government investment into our alma mater through “DNA to RNA: An Inclusive Canadian Approach to Genomic-based RNA Therapeutics (D2R)”. The $165M investment, bolstered by another $185M+ commitment from academic and industrial partners will go towards supporting fundamental RNA research, including drug discovery efforts, which aligns perfectly with our company’s mission and values.

As a spinout from McGill, we are intimately familiar with the cutting-edge research being conducted at the university. We recognize the potential impact that this research can have on human health and the advancement of science. That’s why we are proud to contribute our expertise and resources towards this important initiative. We see this as an opportunity to work alongside some of the brightest minds in areas of RNA biology, chemistry, genomics, as well as the social sciences, and to contribute to a cause that is much larger than ourselves.

Ultimately, our motivation to support this government investment is driven by a shared commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and making a positive impact on the world. We are excited to see where this initiative will take us and the potential breakthroughs that may result from our collective efforts.

Learn more about what this grant will help McGill accomplish: $165-million for McGill University’s world-leading inclusive genomics and RNA research program | Newsroom – McGill University