Academic License

Key Points

  • Academic licenses are free of charge with professor (or laboratory director) signature
  • We ask that you cite appropriately
  • We can arrange training workshops
  • Tutorial videos and manuals available for reference

Visit our Resources page for FAQs, information about software requirements, online tutuorials and manuals, and more.


When reporting results with our programs, please cite the following publications:

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FORECASTER and other tools (SELECT, REDUCE, …)

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Pottel J., Moitessier N. Single-Point Mutation with a Rotamer Library Toolkit: Toward Protein Engineering J. Chem. Inf. Model. (2015), 55, 12, 2657-2671 Link

Academic License Request

To download the FORECASTER and VIRTUAL CHEMIST platform for academic purposes please fill out the online version of our license agreement and send it to us below.

Note that a Professor or group leader must sign the agreement. Any email received or license agreement filled using hotmail, gmail and similar addresses rather than a professional email address will not be processed, and links provided in such emails will not be used. After we receive the signed license agreement, you will be granted the permissions to the privileged download section.

Additional users (other than group leader) and their status:

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Description of research for which FORECASTER and/or VIRTUAL CHEMIST are to be used (e.g., protein/nucleic acid targeted; disease targeted; funding; virtual screening or one-by-one docking; representative publications from your group...):

Please note that the person submitting this form MUST be a professor or a laboratory director. After submitting the form, a member of our team will contact you in the following days.