The FORECASTER and VIRTUAL platforms are integrated into a graphical interface that integrates our highly specialized software for drug design and discovery programs (FORECASTER) and virtual organic chemistry (VIRTUAL CHEMIST). All our programs are implemented for complete automation within different workflows.

All the programs that we have developed are included as actions in the customized workflows. New workflows can be designed according to any specific needs by simply adding boxes to the diagram and assigning an action. Then, the workflow newly created becomes available for jobs that are setup by simple clicks and easy manipulation of files.

The FORECASTER Suite is our new standalone interface to the FORECASTER Platform. It contains everything you need to perform docking and more. It includes the highly accurate FITTED docking program, the sites of metabolism prediction IMPACTS, and the accessory programs to work with the proteins and the ligands. This Suite comes with a java-based graphical interface that integrated all the program into intuitive workflows.

The FORECASTER Web Platform runs on a computer (located inside your company) and every user can connect through the company's network using their own computer. The calculations are performed on the computer (normal computer, workstation or server) where the platform is installed. In addition, a local installation on the users own computers may allow them to run calculation from their own desktop/laptop computer.

All the programs can also be executed from a command line and easily integrated within existing corporate workflows (e.g. KNIME).

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